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[18 Oct 2007|06:58pm]
I just want tosay that Kid Nation is my FAVORITE SHOW EVER?! I imagine the only reason people dont give this show more props is because theyve never seen it. Seriously AMAZING.
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[19 Sep 2007|12:50pm]
I want to BE Kathy Griffin.
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its only thurs but... [28 Jun 2007|05:21pm]
Highs of the week:

sold a bunch of cds i got from my SD and made 90 bucks.
cosmos vegan shoppe opening party
walking around the neighborhood and seeing all kinds of familiar people
talking to my friend christina about my ideas and hearing hers she does not suck at life.
vegan breakfast potluck - donuts and mcmuffins
hanging out a lot with the most amazing person / people ever.
good house show
sleeping on monday instead of going to karaoke. i crashed over my bed because i was so tired.
hanging out with courtney tues
vegan corndog / game night later that night
dinner at rathbuns- FULLY COMPED(!)
hanging out with lee and courtney at the local / photobooth pictures
MJQ dancing / people watching.
thinking about how "these five years that weve had have been such good times"!/ appreciation for people ive known forever and had good times with that i still have fun with and hang out with. and would hate to live somewhere else right now.
you remindin me that im never gonna be 22 again....

havent done school work in 2 weeks
no me time (not really complaining, just sayin)
having every waking minute dictated by something i had planned or hanging out.
not doing anything because i am hanging out 24/7.
medical hoo ha
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[22 Mar 2007|08:16am]
Finally, "Best Day Ever 2007" has arrived! Ofcourse we only planneed it like a day or so in advance so I didn't have to wait too long. Regardless....

Today, Alison and I are going to watch Oprah, go to the fair (with my awesome buy one get one free unlimited rides pass!), get dinner, and go to Avett Brothers.

Best Day Ever 07.

I want to be just like alison in 5 years. (shes 5 years older than me) Im so glad I have older lady friends to guide me through my wreckless youth.
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[15 Mar 2007|10:27pm]
I am sort of enamoured with the dude I am in a bidding war with on Ebay for a fucking Food Not Bombs comp that I REALLY want (second on my list to the 1000 pressed "the first two years of conquering the tundra" party of helicopters LP) ....

I checked out his other won items to see what I was working against, and he payed 41 dollars for a CAP N JAZZ SINGLE . at first i was impressed. i really like the dedication. hey, im a cap n jazz friend too my food not bomb buddy. and it is their only single, i know. i like the fact that he wanted that album so bad he spent 41 DOLLARS on a 7inch. then i saw that he also won a bid of 5 NAUGHTY BY NATURE SINGLES?!?!!!??!!!!????

Other notable mentions: a thursday album AND a Notorious B.I.G. CD.

I was thinking of writing a missed connection, and at first i was thinkign marriage. you me, our sweet and very very diverse record collection, (if you like naughty by nature, wait until you see all the Boyz II Men I got under my belt) and now it wont matter who wins that Food Not Bombs Comp (ofcourse hopefully it would be me, you selfish motherfucker) but THURSDAY?! WHHAAAT? you make me want to add something else to the " i would never date..." list. I just couldnt date someone who liked thursday. or enough to buy something by thursday on EBAY! is this crazy world? is this 2001? Honestly, i generally assume i liked every album that came out in 1999 but thats because i have bands like Thursday blocked out of my memory.
.........now i dont know whether i want to propose and offer to share my record collection or be like, "dude give me that fucking record you closet Thursday fan!"

Anyway, whos the first to try the new Apple Cider Nighttime Airborne? Oh its me! Its me! I was a little skeptical -it has sucralose as an ingredient (ew?) and i dont like thinghts that might make me drowsy (im trying to sleep less not more), but overall it is rather awesome- although dont do what i did and ignore the recommended amount of water (3-4 oz). i added it to like 6 or so, and i think it wouldve tasted better with 4 but who drinks 1/2 a cup of water! i wanted to drink a whole cup of this fake apple cider hooty hoo.
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HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA [03 Mar 2007|11:53am]
i need to stop getting ringbacks because theyre SO FUNNY

call my phone and you might here La Bouche's "be my lover"
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abandoning your friends will not cure isolation. [28 Feb 2007|05:49pm]
This was a good weekend.

I ditched a dudebrah for a girls night (well ashley + me = girls night) friday and I'm so glad I did. The highlight of my night was taking photobooth pictures... I wish I had a scanner to show them.

Saturday I worked and my boss gave me a regifted copy of the Oprah 20th anniversary edition DVD. sweet.

Sunday I went to Athens with my friend stewart. After a struggle to get there, we finally found the flea market (then i remembered i had no cash!) before going to the grit. Both were awesome. We walked around athens and found some juice. I spent some serious bling, mostly on records. I got a Tullycraft CD, I got the Crimpshrine 7" Quit Talking Claude (still need burning bridges and some other one), anyway, I also got a few Pansy Division 7inches, and Bratmobile's The Real Janelle (long out of print so worthwhile). I shouldve gotten that dang Lois record but I felt there were other things i wanted instead first.

Anyway, the show was awesome. the first dude peter blew my mind holy god damn. best show ive seen since avett brothers over a year and a half ago. His lyrics were amazingDang. The next dude was good too. i cant think of his name. another band had members of carrie nations but I DONT KNOW THEIR NAME. I tried to lurk them out on myspace even, and had no luck. Ghost Mice was awesome too.

Anyway, this is a good week. I talked to my friend christina (one of my best friends since elementary school) today and she voluntarily said i could stay with her for free (!) in the boonies for a few months if i need to and save money or take a break from life. thats a really generous offer, which I am contemplating, but more importantly it makes me think of how glad i am to have awesome friends.

thats about it. i am boring.
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no more living the chows. [09 Jan 2007|09:42am]
well the last few weeks have been rough to say the least.

first i broke my dominant hands wrist. and by i, i mean Houston. by the way its not funny if people -believe- you when you say you broke it at work as a bouncer ("howd you break your arm"...."you ever heard of one tweezy"). my life sucks for the next 6 (now 3) more weeks.

two of my best friends ( i mean care givers) moved away. they happened to also be the people i hang out with/ do everything with.

i had the remainder of my heart broken by a total loser. same person ive complained about in my journal for the past 6 years. but i've lost my faith in history......the only thing i believe in now is the sound of the atlantic.

my work sucks without said best friend, and a variety of other reasons. every day i want to quit. in may i will and lose much needed insurance when i finish up school with only part time amount of credits, i am a liability so i really need it. atleast im going to graduate soon.

i have given up on winter and even spring. hopefully by summer i wont suck at life or care more not to.
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[27 Aug 2006|06:49pm]
still livin the chaows.

thats about it for me.
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uhg [19 Jul 2006|11:06pm]
When originally the idea of working at rathbuns came up, I shot it down because I never wanted to work somewhere that was not vegetarian, or more that I didn’t want to work somewhere that was apathetic to something I believe is wrong.

Anyway, more importantly- I did not want rathbuns to warp my view just because I was exposed to people who were apathetic, even though it’s sometimes easier to be that way. I did not want to become apathetic. I have always viewed apathy as one of the worst human traits- but maybe its because it enables other negative human characteristics. I don’t know.
Through this time I have become apathetic, and changed my views on many things. All admit, I full heartedly support consumerism (and therefor, in some sense, capitalism) and a variety of corrupt industries that I would never, and I mean Never, ever previously endorse. But forwhatever reason, either working at rathbuns, doing my hardest to meet my needs either materialistically or otherwise, or just giving up or in, I have changed. I have become slightly or very numb to many things.

I listen to rap, I drink alcohol, I am a fan of people and pay money to industries that market, support misogynist and sexist behavior if not personally but as bystanders of an industry that does...........

But I tell you what, i have a LINE that will not be crossed. when the situations or opportunity comes for me to at the VERY LEAST I will do what I can when it arises to support women, and to let the discrimination and the unjustices known, I will not just look away while it occurs to someone first hand.

As a women, I have a moral obligation to call out sexist or exploitative behavior. And tonight, when a group of four males dining in the bar disguistingly and inappropriately touched one of my coworkers (whos 19)boob, after hitting on her all night, and also making inappropriate comments towards visably any women walking by.... they also proceeded to not only hit on, but join a group of women dining at a nearby table and later women in the bar, (im not sure when rathbuns became a meat market...) I felt like my manager should do something . But he didnt- he told me I should tell him that “I expect more from four professional men” (I will refrain from my comments on how fucked up it is to bring “professionalism” into what is acceptable sexual behavior or not, but whatever). And that his hands were tied and that he couldn’t really do anything. And BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

Unfortunately, as a women, although I do have an obligation to react and respond accordingly, am not viewed as a credible source to stop this behavior. Because obviously they do not view women as equal. So, to that, I believe, that males have an obligation to respond, and stop this behavior.

Because what this does, is perpetuate the idea that this is acceptable or at least tolerable behavior, and then men like this proceed with this behavior until they cross the line. Then when they actually fully sexually assault a person, society is appaled and outraged like this behavior just came out the wazoozoo, but in actuality this is a predictable action of someone with a pattern of inappropriate behavior. But we would rather not acknowlege that this behavior is unacceptable until an actual incident occurs, instead of preventing it from happening. I know first hand what it is like to have someone tell you, over a series of time, that “theres nothing we can do about it now” when in reality, before, during, and after, I begged for some sort of response, and there was time to do something about it before it was, in fact, too late. And then its over and everyones moves on because it happened and there really is nothing they can do.

So, with that said I was very disapointed that my manager, who generally is my hero, was not the hero in this situation. My co worker alison, after being prompted and encouraged, was the hero , although not much, she said “im a little embarassed that four men old enough to be my dad hit on me all night”. And it is nt much, but it is a step, towards making them at least question their behavior, and let them know it isnt tolerable. At the least, it wasn’t an apathetic attitude towards it.

I don’t’ care that im reactionary, that this isn’t a big deal, because the nonchalant non-reactionary attitude is exactly the kind of mentality that I am talking about, the kind of mentality that hurts everyone .So if ever someone one says to you, "life isn't fair, get used to it" then you should say 'Well it might be; if schmucks like you would let it be.
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[23 May 2006|08:55am]
please help me move. i am broke but will gladly return the favor, take you to lunch, or most importantly, let you swim in my FUTURE POOL.

thats probably about the only thing ill be doing this summer since im now indefinitely hella broke. yes im going to kiss my savings goodbye. oh well who wanted a housewhen you can rent an apartment with a POOL...

anyway, big moving day is a week from sunday! i may also need help ensembling things from ikea! i will make you cookies in return.

anyway id like to take this moment to discuss gorilla biscuits going on tour. sweet.

thats all for now.
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[16 May 2006|11:10am]
I REALLY need a place to live soon . clean, quiet....

i have been trying to call atleast 5 places a day but its starting to get ugly.....
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[08 May 2006|10:55am]
Talked out, and now I'm feeling crowded. All the errands in the world won't save us now...
Rained in and I won't come unclouded. There's a stillness in the air,I pray for sound.
We're too smart to watch TV. We're too dumb to make believe, this is all we want from life. And I'm too dumb to talk to you, you're so quick to listen to me.I'm saying nothing you don't know.
Walked out and I won't be rerouted. If I don't go outside today, I never will.

Wre too old not to get excited...... about rain and roads, Egyptian ruins, our first kiss.

"Rabbit, rabbit," on the first.I hold my breath. Did tricks I hoped you wouldn't notice.
A superstitious hyperrealist- I'll make you mine.
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[25 Apr 2006|08:49am]
Schools almost over and between that and the changing season, I am finally excited about life again.

I got all riled up today when Matt W. told me that prank fest was taking place this year. unfortunately i JUST found out so i'm not sure if I am going to be able to go. I am going to try as I think this will restore my faith in humanity or at the very least, punk rock. One of my favorite bands that i havent seen in over 2 years maybe since I lived in CA is playing (Look Back and Laugh, among others).
Anyway I thought prank fest stopped in the 90s or atleast 2002. Its been a while so Im surprised they even still do it.

I am behind on festivals and such. Last year I did go to the metal fest(cant remember the name) in Athens, Ohio and I wouldn't have minded going again. I dont know if they still do DIY fest there, too but I wouldve liked to go to that too.

I really shouldn't travel as I am one broke motherfucker. I plan on going to Chicago in Sept, indefinitely. I sort of plan on going to the Plan it X camp thing in july, but have doubts about it...

In other news, the children's literature book club is restarting and if you want to join let me know.

Wed night if i get out of work early enough, I am going to see a documentary about 7 people named Bob Smith.

Lets talk about summer. This summer's theme is "endless summer" . I have made a summer list of things to do with Kevin and another list with Ellen. Kevin and I plan on throwing a party at Ellen's house in the front yard without telling her, entering the chili cookoff and not mentioning its vegan (note: kevin will be doing most of the cooking so we have a chance at winning), going to the laser show, tubing, camping, and a lot of other things.

Ellen and my's summer list, among things plans on going camping / to the coal miner daughters museum in TN (im going to try to go to dollywood, too!), going to the worlds largest yard sale in august (chatanooga to AL), kiddie pools, and Tallulah falls.

basically this summer has a lot of recreational water activities and food related events planned.

last summer i thought i would fund my summer travels by entering (and winning) eating contests. this was also a great plan to lose weight, as i realize that most people have more difficulty (or less fame?) losing 5 pounds then lets say, 25 pounds. Anyway after practicing i figured i could just walk into restaurants and bet people what i could eat to earn money on the side of the entered eating contests.
ofcourse this plan fell through last year but theres always this year and next!
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girls violence mod. 4. [18 Apr 2006|08:44pm]
WP acting funny, posting this here for now as i revise... will probably take this down shortly but feel free to read this if youre interested in girls / violence etc.

Outside of feminist criminology, little speculation may take place to address how social contexts or inequality has effected girls in relation to violence. In an article by Jody Miller and Norman White entitled “Situational Effects of Gender Inequality”, the authors address this topic. Miller and White state, “Girls’ violence is produced within social contexts of extreme gender inequality” (Miller, 2004) The authors later conclude, “how and when girls chose to adopt violent strategies, as well as when and how girls negotiate within potentially violent situations, each of these is best understood by recognizing the significance of contextual construction of unequal power relations and gender asymmetries” (Miller, 2004). In order to understand and recognize gendered inequality, the authors provide us with three theoretical issues to examine. These issues include: “cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity and their impact on girls’ behavior, power differentials between males and females and how these regulate and constrain girls’ use of violence, the impact of group and situational gender composition in shaping violence” (Miller, 2004). We can take these issues and others to help us examine violence amongst girls.
As a product of society and social structure, women and men do “gender” as a result of culture or society’s contrived views and definitions of femininity and masculinity. When girls commit a violent act, they may be perceived of acting like a boy. The rise of violence amongst girls is perceived as not only acting in a male role, but of girls “led astray from their preordained roles as mother, wife, daughter” (Batacharya, 2004). There is also gender divisions in location, gender divisions occur between a “feminized indoor, and a masculinized outdoor domain” (Pearce, 2004). Parents seem to tighten their control for adolescent girls compared to boys, allowing them to stay out later and more outdoor activities. It also makes sense that patriarchal and overprotective parents are more likely to turn in girls for delinquency, another aspect of social control. Unfortunately, the focus on girl’s behavior takes away from other issues, “girls acting like boys in boy’s spaces distracts us from developing an understanding of how young women do spend their leisure time out of doors within their everyday routines” (Pearce, 2004). It is often outside where these girls become vulnerable to violence and street activity. Yet it is often outside that girls may spend time socializing, relieving themselves from the indoor demands of domestic work, or avoiding problems such as abuse at home. Also, the need to break out of a patriarchal family not only for independence, but also to leave an abusive situation may be the cause of some girls’ absence from the indoors, and consequently, delinquency. Girls leave these situations and need to find alternative sources of income quickly, in order to make it in our society. This too, may lead to delinquent activity. Additionally, out on the streets they may develop or adapt to their surroundings, try to maintain their safety by carrying weapons, or sustain themselves on the streets by obtaining a reputation. Unfortunately, “faced with poverty and social marginalization, young women on the street become particularly vulnerable to physical and sexual exploitation in return for accommodation, money, and drugs” (Pearce, 2004). These girls have learned about sexuality from society, from a perspective that it is a power tool, and a resource to independence. It makes sense that some chose to use sex as a survival strategy and an alternative source of income for their independence. Therefore, female crime may be in direct relation to this genderization. Males and females may also construct their actions and decision making by how these actions will be interpreted by others around them.
While taking into account cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity, we must also acknowledge that these definitions are unequal or asymmetrical. These definitions are based on a social hierarchy where man are superior and dominate women socially, politically, and economically. Therefore, in conducting criminal behavior, females must chose strategies that can be accomplish “within the context of male-dominated settings, such as the streets” (Miller, 2004). Females may even use stereotypes as a gender stereotypes in a gender strategy to accomplish criminal activity. Females may dress differently, or use decoys, such as bringing children, to help hide this criminal activity. Stereotypes and gender hierarchies structure their crime in other ways. Documented research shows “the exclusion of women from drug selling networks and of female gang members from serious forms of gang crime” (Miller, 2004). Perhaps this is because of the stereotypes that women are not leaders, or that they are emotionally weak, incapable of harder or more secretive criminal positions. Power differentials between males and females may determine or factor into violent behavior by a girl.
Gender inequality is not the only inequality that can be factored into examining girls’ violence. We must also acknowledge and analyze misogynist, racist, classist, heterosexist, ableist and ageist violence committed by adolescent females. We must keep in mind that “girls must be sensitive to the interactions of gender with other aspects of their identities--including race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, (dis)ability, and the communities where they live--that influence girls' actions, attitudes, and, ultimately, their futures” (Girls Report Executive Summary, 2002).
Acknowledging other factors besides gender for violence committed between females does not always take place. As was one case when the media reported the tragic murder of Reena Virk. Virk was beaten and murdered by 7 women and one male. Reena Virk was female, but she was also age 14 and South Asian. Cultural definitions once again come in to place as Reena was portrayed and visually different from other girls her age. Reena was “not thin, white, and middle class, which is the dominant definition of a “girl” in Western culture” (Batacharya, 2004). The media however excluded this information when they covered the story. Some believed that this was not an act of racism because some of the accused were not white. Even though racism was disregarded as a cause by media reports, “Reena Virk’s racial difference and class disadvantage were repeatedly commented on” (Batacharya, 2004). Like the hierarchy of males vs. females, a power dynamic between females can also take place. We must keep this in mind as “young women who commit acts of violence could be demonstrating or vying for dominance and power over their subordinates” (Batacharya, 2004). The Reena Virk case and other cases of girl violence may be “an act of racist, heterosexist, classist, ableist violence- not an example of what has been erroneously termed girl violence” (Batacharya, 2004). We can not separate the system of oppressions from acts of violence that take place. The Reena Virk case was important as it raised awareness about the other factors taken into account for girls’ violence. One article on this case summarizes this importance and stated, “if the price Reena Virk paid with her life has any meaning at all, it has at least sounded a wake-up call to the pressing need for more research into the real lives of teenage girls today” (Graydon, 1999).
The Reena Virk case also shows the impact of group gender composition on violence. Some suggest that in a male dominated group, women follow two strategies that may account for violence: “overachievement to the “masculine” standards of the group, and attempting to become “socially invisible” to minimize their sexual attributes so as to blend unnoticeably into the predominant male culture” (Miller, 2004). Research backs up the theory of overachievement to the masculine standards of the group as recent research suggests that “males and females in majority male gangs had the highest rates of delinquency. In fact, girls in majority male gangs had higher rates of delinquency than males in all-male gangs” (Miller, 2004). Trying to fit in with boys or endorsing male dominance may be common for violent girls. Violent girls may want to join males “in similar rule breaking, deviant, and delinquent behaviors and attitudes, and in attacking other girls in search of male attention” (Artz, 2004). In doing so, girls are “demonstrating their limited access to alternative ways of understanding themselves and others, an are exhibiting classic oppressed group behavior” (Artz, 2004). Still, gender limit’s a girls’ participation in a gang, as boys perceptions of girls prevents them for serious gang violence.
Social control plays a role in the gendered and social contexts of girls’ lives, often in negative ways. Social control and gender inequality affects how girls chose to adopt violent strategies. Using the knowledge and theories provided, we can think about and consider the issues of girls and violence from a less narrow standpoint. There is a strong need for illuminating the complexities of girl violence such as gender inequality, and continued investigation and research on this subject. We must profess that “the fight to end violence and oppression cannot be won without acknowledging the interdependency of white supremacy, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, classism, and sexism” (Baacharya, 2004). We must yield to the significance of these unequal social constructions presented in order to thoroughly evaluate girls who commit violent acts, and the reasoning behind these acts.


Miller, J. , and White, N. (2004). Situational Effects of Gender Inequality. In C. Alder, and Worrall, A. (Eds.), Girls' Violence: Myths and Realities. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Pearce, J.(2004). Coming Out to Play?. In C. Alder, and Worrall, A. (Eds.), Girls' Violence: Myths and Realities (pp. ). Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Batacharya, S.(2004). Racism, "Girl Violence," and the Murder of Reena Virk. In C. Alder, and Worrall, A. (Eds.), Girls' Violence: Myths and Realities. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Artz, S. (2004). Violence in the School Yard. In C. Alder, and Worrall, A. (Eds.), Girls' Violence: Myths and Realities. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Girls report executive summary. (2002). Retrieved from The National Council for Research on Women Web site: http://www.ncrw.org/research/exec_sum.htm.

Graydon, S. (1999, Mar. ). Bad girls. Homemakers Magazine, Retrieved from http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/resources/articles/stereotyping/bad_girls.cfm?RenderForPrint=1.
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[27 Mar 2006|01:15pm]
yesterday i said i wanted to be at one with nature, and today i discovered a mouse in my room. i was thinkin id rather bring myself to nature instead of vice versa, but thats cool. this is one of the cleaner places ive lived, yet ive never really seen a mice before. i am mind boggled as to how it got in, so i'm leaning on the idea that the mouse sought me out. i have always been not so inclined to have pets, but always thought that if an animal sought me out and not vice versa, then id go ahead and take it in.... i was always thinking that this was going to be a cat or a dog, but alas, it appears to be a small field mice. i dont really think unfortunately that i will keep it as i think of a mice as a bird without feathers, and i think that caging birds is probably one of the cruelest ideas our society practices...

but regardless, until micey returns to the motherland outdoors, in true domestic nature i will name him or her until then.

i have decided upon 3 names:

minnie mouse (if its a girl)
mouskawitz (non gender specific, but clearly jewish)
mouissey (sort of like morrissey, but said with a lisp)

anyway , i have set up a humane trap for minnie mouse/mouskawitz/mouissey, i wont explain it in detail but lets just say that this might all survey as a scientific study as to whether or not Toffutti cheese IS really vegan or not, and if not, and if so how it compares to regular cheese.

in other news, ellen and company can't go to the movie tonight so i hav an extra pass to see hard candy the movie, for free at the midtown arts cinema. holler if youre down.

thats all for now.
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the right four chords could make me cry...... [26 Mar 2006|11:26pm]
i speak to you like the chorus to the verse, drop another line like a coda with a curse......

i have nothing i want to write about but i want to write. all i can muster out is that i don't think im a people person, and that i think i need to be more aggressive towards sustainability.i think i need to become one with nature and shit.

i am completely unmotivated and i know what theyre talking about when theyre talking about the perpetual motion in the state of stuck.

but, i really want to go camping.
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[23 Feb 2006|11:45pm]
so im reading lost in translation. so far so good. i am surprisingly thrilled to take a break from non fiction.
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lets go sit under the cupcake tree. [13 Feb 2006|07:58pm]
so i was going to skip valentines day in its entirety, but i was very inspired by andrews message:

As you all know St. Valentine's Day is tomorrow. It is indeed one of God's most magical holidays, full of love, romance, hearts and bedazzlement. For Valentine's Day all that i ask is for someone to make me this glorious tree of Cupcakes.The one who does will win my heart forever.

the only part id change is add vegan before the word cupcake. whats love got to do with it? im in it for the gifts and cupcakes. im not opposed to scavenger hunts, vegan valentines day novelties, mix tapes, heart shaped straws and other assorted objects.

i think even if everything in my life is not so fantastic right now (or even if it was), a cupcake would surely help, even just a little bit.
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[02 Feb 2005|01:19pm]
i feel like william tell pulling mussells from the sheeeeeeell.

trees. slack in winter. god damn you perinnial.
i made a haiku. and hten i gave up. its not as good as the haikus i made for amanda. they were economy themed.

id like to have a boyfriend so i can chronolize our relationship in mix tapes.

once tony took me to a famous treehouse . famous in the sense that it was secretive, and made by ray the infamous graffitti artists / bike messenger from portland. it was WAY THE FUCK OUT. and we had to walk a mile through tall grass to get there. when we were about half way. tony grabs me and says. listen. listen. there is no treehouse.luckily there was a treehouse but i didn't like being there. and he tried to make me sleep there and i said no. i kinda regret it but i wouldve been too scared to sleep. id like to live in a tree house with a gas stove maybe. there was once an art exhibit here about tree houses.

the man sitting next to me at the computer looked like the cute asian boy in goonies 35 years later. i see this man EVERYWHERE. i wonder what the fuck he does for a living because hes always out galavanting the city as much as i am, free spirit.
i think once when i worked at ardens garden he came in and he was one picky mother fucker.

anyway, im MOVING yet again in 8 months. even though i said i would never leave the warehouses until they were condemned, gavin is trying to pull a fast one. Stickfigure will be relocating a block a way, and unless i romanticize the idea of living in another city again with out the harsh realities, i will be moving too. its across from the sculpture garden. besides, the warehouses probably will be condemned not too long after.

the rent will go up 65 bucks to a whopping 225, and i will have to give up my upstairs room which i really enjoy. i really want to live upstairs from now on. i'm just not a bottom level kind of person. who knows where ill even be living by then. maybe this is a door of opportunity, and i should walk right out.

opportunity knocks once and then the door closes.

carnivorous plants of the world, unite.
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